Meditation & Mindfulness at Work

You’d be surprised to know just how many big companies and brands you know of provide access to meditation for their employees.

Whether that’s in the form of onsite meditation classes, mindfulness training programs or a quiet space in which to meditate, take a break or just breath.

Interestingly, this access isn’t new for many bigger multi-national companies. They’ve been using meditation for years.

Bigger businesses understand how beneficial consistent meditation can be for their people and therefore, the company as a whole.


Many of these tangible results are widely recognised such as, significant decreases in sick leave taken, employee stress and anxiety levels, and increases in productivity and staff moral.

You might be surprised by some of the lesser known considerations though. For example, that practising meditation regularly can contribute to staff retention and improved focus. Which leads to more innovative and agile thinking, better problem solving skills and a general increase resiliency.

Meditation is also frequently used by these companies as a major component in leadership and high achiever training programs.

How much do you think employees with these skills could be worth to your business?