Reduce stress and clear your mind in just one minute!

Challenges pop up in our daily lives. Sometimes we breeze through them and other times they can be overwhelming.

Most likely, you’ve heard how effective mindfulness and meditation can be but aren’t sure where to start or what will work for you. Problem solved. Start Here!

One Minute Mindfulness

We’ve create the simplest and fastest way to meditate and we want to share that with you and everyone you know.

With One Minute Mindfulness you can change your whole frame of mind and release any negative feelings you might be experiencing in just one minute! Wherever you are these short yet powerful videos and guided meditations take you to a calmer and quieter place.

To celebrate the launch of our One minute Mindfulness project, Here Now Group’s Membership is free forever if you sign up within the next 30 days.

Test drive our 5-minute gratitude meditation below.

Gratitude Meditation

by Stephanie Smilas | Length: 5:07