Guided Meditations and One Minute Mindfulness

Got a minute? That's all you need to find a little calm, and in these short videos you can take a trip to the beach or out into nature without even leaving your desk! And when you have more time, tune into one of the 5, 10 or 15 minute guided meditations below.
One Minute Mindfulness

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Guided Meditations

Gratitude Meditation

by Stephanie Smilas | Length: 5:07

Gratitude meditations are my favourite. Whether life is incredibly challenging or unbelievably spectacular, gratitude is my personal go-to. This 5 minute version is perfect when you on need a shorter meditation time frame.

Breath & Body Scan Meditation

by Stephanie Smilas | Length: 15:01

Body scan meditations can be very grounding. They help you feel more centred and present. They’re a great go-to meditation when you aren’t sure what kind of meditation you feel like.
Always a favourite when I’m working with corporate groups. This 10 minute meditation can be completed with any kind of food or drink, that you can enjoy slowly. It’s really about appreciation and stillness. Ps. If you’re vegan, don’t eat the red ones…!

Hand Scan Meditation

by Stephanie Smilas | Length: 10:07

Scanning through a particular area of the body is a fantastic way to clear the mind. This meditation helps me feel both focussed mentally and more connected physically.