​Mindfulness meditation training

As the ever growing pile of studies and reports on how effective mindfulness meditation can be begins to loom dangerously, it may be time to seriously consider meditation training as an activity for your residential centre.

One of the biggest advantages is that practising meditation is incredibly accessible. There are no mobility, fitness or prior knowledge requirements.

Research shows that increased memory function, focus, and a greater sense of calm are often the first benefits that seniors report once learning mindfulness meditation. This is often followed by improved ability to organise one’s thoughts and emotions, superior immune system function and better sleep patterns.

We also find that residents feel more mentally alert and generally less stress.

Yoga based mobility training

We know how important mobility training is at all stages of life and this becomes even more so as we age. Our senior members of society need access to safe, gentle, mobility based exercises to aid in sustaining their independence and general health.

This report from the Harvard Medical School, for example, concludes that seniors who exercise regularly are more likely to walk independently and complete other daily tasks on their own. It also shows that a structured exercise program can make a difference even if those seniors have not exercised for many years. It appears that access to mobility training and consistency of practice, are the most frequently occurring obstacles that seniors face when attempting to improve their fitness or general mindset.

Here Now Group is incredibly excited to be working with Channel 31 to produce a series of television episode yoga classes. The aim of this series is to enhance and maintain general wellness in the over 55’s age group. This project goes a long way towards removing both obstacles just mentioned.

We love the concept and are thrilled to be part of something so vital. These episodes will be broadcast on Channel 31 on weekday mornings and available to stream via their corresponding YouTube channel. This project is due to air late 2018.