Stephanie Smilas founded Here Now Group with the intention of teaching practical mindfulness tools that are both scientifically based and easy to implement in everyday life. The aim is to positively support people with an emphasis on effective communications and to challenge the way mindfulness is perceived in the general public domain. 

She has more than 18 years of experience in client services, relationship management, leadership and individual coaching. This combined with over 15 years of yoga and meditation practise helps Stephanie communicate in an engaging and conscientious manner.

Stephanie completed her yoga teacher training diploma in 2010 and founded her own yoga studio while living overseas. Since returning to Australia she has continued teaching yoga whilst also working in the corporate arena. Teaching yoga for the last eight years has been incredibly rewarding and more recently Stephanie has chosen to focus on teaching mindfulness and meditation to mainstream organisations in a more accessible way.

Here Now Group values the impact of philanthropic work and has a firm pro-bono quota. This enables the company to offer it’s services free of charge to a number of not-for-profit organisations and charities.

Stephanie Smilas

Stephanie Smilas

Founder & Director, Here Now Group

Our vision

is to provide easily consumable programs that significantly change company culture, mindset and productivity, and to always exceed the expectations of our clients.

Our purpose

is to facilitate a better understanding of mindfulness in the public domain and be a leader in the corporate wellness industry.

Our programs

have been developed with the latest science based research and study findings in mind.

Our core values

To operate always with the impact we can have in mind. To be authentic, inclusive and open to collaboration.  

Our mission statement is

“Through focused attention anything is possible.”